Performing Arts

We are very excited to be launching our Performing Arts program this year. Students will be given the opportunity to express themselves through dance and drama. Mr Falesiu brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area and we are extremely fortunate to have secured his services. Performing Arts is closely link with our overall literacy program, where students will interpret an authors message of theme, through dance and drama.



Music is a great way for students to express themselves and showcase their talents. Mr Ropati is regarded as one of the best and sort after guitarist in New Zealand and we are very confident that we will be able to provide a music program that will not engage and challenge our students, they will also be able to express their hidden talents. We have a dedicated music program that explores a range of different genres and we have a great selection of instruments for our students to utilise and develop hands on skills. WE encourage our students to join the school choir, band and ukulele group. We offer an extension program for students who demonstrate a passion and gift with music.


Culinary 101

Our food technician is a wonderful teacher who has strong experience and knowledge in this area. Ms Sebastian delivers a program that is modern, creative and fun. It is our intention to provide a program that is hands on and allows students to be challenged culturally and academically.


Spatial Design

Ms Weeks will lead a program that will have students designing projects through Tinkercad and then using 3D printers to produce their selected product. Design will also give students the opportunities to further develop their understanding of ICT, Technology design processes and understanding the importance of working with others.