What does Cultural Enrichment look like at Sir Douglas Bader Intermediate?

The cultural enrichment program promotes the values of both Ka Hikatia and the Pacifika Education plan ensuring students are able to connect with their language, identity and culture. The CEE provides enriched learning experiences and higher learning standards for all children through three goals; developing talents in all children, providing a broad range of advanced-level enrichment experiences for all students, and providing advanced follow-up opportunities for young people based on their strengths and interests, such as interzone speech competitions and public speaking opportunities.

Students take part in a cultural enrichment program exploring the language, values, traditions and unique diversity their chosen culture offers. In term 1 students select from a range of different cultures and languages they want to explore for the year and are fully emersed in this over the school year. Every Wednesday students will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with teachers and students developing a second language and exploring traditions, values and geograpical sites of importance. In offering such a program we aim to ensure all students are able to converse in simple terms and develop a growing appreciation for the culture and values related to their chosen area of study.

We aim to achieve a more inclusive environment by ensuring that an appreciation of culture and language is valued and celebrated here at SDBI and studnents are able to better understand who they are and the importance of valuing and appreciating diversity.

ESOL will be incorporated into the program to ensure students who have been identified as needing exta support are not isolated or stigmatised. English class will be an opprtunity for students to develop the foundations needed to access the wider NZ curriculum and provide on going support for in class learning.

We explore the following cultures & languages and are always keen to have our community come in and support us.