Our staff are committed to providing a learning environment that is modern and caters for the emerging adolescent. We focus on learning spaces that are collaborative, engaging and critically challenging for students and staff. Our specialist educators bring a wealth of knowledge and experience where our students will be given opportunities to explore and develop their natural talents.

Jerry Leaupepe (Principal)
Andrew Mailei (Deputy Principal)
Annabelle Bullock  (Assistant Principal)
Tracey Gallagher (Assistant Principal)
Milly Murphy (Team Leader)
Loriza Zaid (Team Leader)

Amelia Cooper (Teacher)
Taufeen Habibi (Teacher)
George Hollingworth (Teacher)
Brent Julius (Teacher)
Maua Tusa (Teacher)
Mikey Falesiu (Specialist Teacher)
Claudine Mailei (Specialist Teacher)
Masi Ropati (Specialist Teacher)
Karina Weeks (Specialist Teacher)

Talia Leilua  (Learning Assistant)
Glynis Nolan   (Learning Assistant)
Chrystal Otunuku (Learning Assistant)

Facilities Manager: David Nolan
Groundsman: Clive Prescott
Office Manager: Lua Afakasi
School Bursur: Marichelle Anduyan