The leadership Team is supported by Team Leaders and teachers, school support staff, RTLB, and a Social Worker in Schools.  The staff are therefore a strong team, seeking to provide quality learning and teaching for all students in our school.  As well, there is a Satellite Unit on site from Sir Keith Park School.

Our staff represent a rich blend of cultural diversity and all teachers are fully qualified and registered.

The Mangere community is fortunate to have a rich blend of experienced and developing teachers and support staff.

Staff Contacts



Jerry Leaupepe

Deputy Principal  Rachel Lynch  
Teacher – Room 1 Year 7 Annabelle Bullock (Team Leader)
Teacher – Room 2 Year 7  Taufeen Habibi
Teacher – Room 3 Year 7  Jo Taomia
Teacher – Room 7 Year 7  Colleen Hunt
Teacher – Room 4 Year 8  Karina Weeks  
Teacher – Room 5 Year 8  Milly Murphy
Teacher – Room 6 Year 8
 Despina Martin (Team Leader)
Teacher – Room 8 Year 8  Loriza Zaid
Specialist Teacher –  ART

Specialist Teacher – Food Technology


Support Team;

Learning Assistants




Resource Assistant

Facilities Caretaker

Office Manager / Principal’s PA

School Accounts

Ana Pepa

Lynn Sebastian



Talia Seumanutafa

Ernie Delamere

Jessica Martin

Raneth Gramaje

Glynis Nolan

David Nolan

Lua Afakasi

Marichelle Anduyan