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HEALTH AND PE CONSULTATION 2017-Please complete the SURVEY MONKEY at the bottom of this page.

Dear Parents/Caregivers

At least once every two years the boards of trustees is required to consult with the parent community about the school’s health and physical education programmes. The purpose of this consultation is to outline the programmes that we are delivering, how we are delivering health education and what we see as the health education needs of our students.

This page outlines our Health and Physical education programme which is linked in one curriculum document.  For the purpose of providing clear information, they have been separated on this page.  Attachments relating to some of these programmes have been provided where appropriate.

Opportunity to comment on our provision and programmes in these areas is provided.  We welcome your feedback as this allows us to develop policies and practices that reflect the needs of students at our school.

Health and Physical Education at Sir Douglas Bader Intermediate School

Sir Douglas Bader Intermediate School provides a nurturing, child-friendly environment where students feel safe, supported and secure.  Opportunities are provided for students that promote a sense of self-value and worth.  Students generally interact positively with each other with senior students taking on a variety of leadership roles. The school actively encourages this through programmes such as the school leaders program and tua kana-teina philosophies and practices.

Leadership opportunities are also provided in Physical Education with students being selected as team captains and cultural leaders. All students are provided with a variety of opportunities to participate in activities of a competitive nature and those necessary to maintain a fit and healthy

Programmes and Programme Implementation

Health and Physical Education are linked in one curriculum document.  For the purpose of providing clear information about the programmes we provide they have been separated into two sections.

Health Curriculum

The following key areas are identified in the curriculum document.  They may be included in the two yearly cycle of Health teaching.  Each key learning area has aspects that may be taught at all year levels.  (Please note there is a separate and more detailed consultation process for Sexuality Education)


Key Area of Learning

 Clarification and Possible Programme Content

Mental Health

 Opportunities to develop skills and understanding about:

  • Personal identity and self worth
  • Stereotyping and discrimination
  • Effective interpersonal relationships
  • Drug and alcohol use and misuse (Years 5-8)*
  • Keeping ourselves safe
 Sexuality Education  Opportunities to develop skills and understanding about:

  • Interpersonal skills and attitudes to enhancing relationships
  • Knowledge, understanding and skills related to sexual development- physical, social and emotional
 Food and Nutrition  Opportunities to develop skills and understanding about:

  • Nutrition for growth and development across all ages
  • The links between nutrition, exercise and well- being
  • The cultural significance of food
  • Food safety
 Body Care and Physical Safety  Opportunities to develop skills and understanding about:

  • Personal body care
  • Prevention of illness, injury, infection, disease, common lifestyle disorders
  • Identifying environmental hazards
  • Self-responsibility

The school uses a range of programmes to teach health such as:

  • Keeping Ourselves Safe – all year levels  Click here for further information
  • Life Education – all year levels  Click here for further information
  • Te Kaha O Te Rangatahi Trust Click here for further information
  • Cyber Safety
  • Food and Nuitrition

Sexuality Education has a focus on pubertal change and is provided for all students in Year 7&8.

These programmes may be taught as a unit or by incorporating them into other aspects of the PE programme or curriculum areas.  Units may be taught in conjunction with the police or other outside agencies.

Sir Douglas Bader Intermediate School is a ‘Sunsmart’ school and a Healthy Promoting School.


Physical Education Curriculum

The following key areas are identified in the curriculum document.  They may be included in the two yearly cycle of Health teaching.  Each key learning area has aspects that may be taught at all year levels.

 Key Area of Learning Clarification and Possible Programme Content
Physical Activity


Opportunities to develop:


  • Movement skills in a range of areas
  • Cultural practices in physical activity
  • Their own attitudes and behaviours in physical activity settings

Sport Studies

Opportunities to develop:


  • Skills for participating in diverse sporting roles
  • Skills to manage competitive and cooperative environments
 Outdoor Education Opportunities to experience:

Adventure activities and outdoor pursuits that focus on physical skill development, fun and enjoyment

Sir Douglas Bader Intermedaite School offers a range of programmes and activities, competItive and non-competitive, for students to develop their sports skills and team work such as:

  • Athletics 
  • Touch Rugby
  • Rugby
  • Tag
  • Softball
  • Basketball
  • Inter-school Sports-South West Zone
  • Netball
  • Hockey
  • Inter-House sports break challenges- games and activities
  • Year 7 & 8 Camp
  • XCITE Program

These activities are provided by staff and outside agencies.



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We have consultation evenings throughout the year and this is a great way to get involved. Consultation evenings are an opportunity for you to voice your opinions and share with us what you think we are doing well and what you would like to see in the future.



We will also be holding mathematics workshops this year to support parents when working with their children. These are a fun way to see how we teach maths in class and then take home resources that will help you continue the learning at home. Don’t be shy come along with your children, learn a few maths games and catch up with us over a cup of tea!